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Clickimin Indoor Wall Users Survey

We’re conducting a survey on users of the Clickimin Indoor Climbing Wall to understand how the wall is used and if it can be improved. If you've ever used the wall, we'd REALLY appreciate your views. Thanks :)
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Welcome to Climb Shetland!

We are Shetland's rock climbing club, developing the climbing around these amazing islands and having a laugh doing it. We've been around since 2004 and have about 30 members. We organise regular trips throughout the year and meet every week at the Clckimin indoor wall. Find out more at the Club Info page and feel free to join in the forum and send us your photos.
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304, 2016

Winter Trip Report 2016

This year’s winter trip came up with the predictable concoction of crap conditions (from some people’s point of view), great conditions (from other’s), minor injuries, car breakdowns,  mist and copious amounts of […]

2712, 2015

Winter Trip 2016

The Winter Trip is back on for this year. The dates are 19th – 26th March. We are planning to stay in Torlundy near Fort William and all beds are […]



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