Thanks to everyone who turned out yesterday for the meeting. It was a good day too, even if we didn’t manage to climb. It was a good start to the year to meet up for a yarn anyway! Here are the minutes…


AGM Minutes:

Present: Robina Barton, Stuart Barton, Luke Batts, Andrew Hunter, Kevin Learmonth, Andy Long, Julie Maguire, Nathalie Pion, Christine Rolin, Pete Sawford, Jonathan Swale, Al Whitworth, Aurore Whitworth.

Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes of the last AGM held 25th April 2014 were proposed by AW and seconded by PS

Presentation of accounts

The accounts are very simple this year as there have been no trips away. We made a small profit. As of 1st April the total funds were £1848.67

Chairman’s report

The Chairman reported that very little had happened as a club this year. (Al- Well apart from all the summer trips?!)

Election of Officers

The following positions were proposed by RB and seconded by SB;

  • Chair – Julie Maguire
  • Secretary – Al Whitworth
  • Treasurer – Andy Long
  • Club Meets – Aurore Whitworth
  • Wall Secretary – Andrew Hunter
  • Website – Al Whitworth
  • Foreign Affairs – Nathalie Pion
  • Officer without underpants – Jonathan Swale

 Club Memberships

It was agreed to keep the club membership rates as they are.

Date of next meeting

The next meeting will be held in April/May 2016.


General Meeting Minutes:

Club Aims & Direction

  • Everyone happy with current direction but hoping for some new members climbing outdoors
  • Need to encourage leading – possibly organise “Learning to Lead” day/evening. (Aurore)
  • Need to promote club. Al to redo posters and put up in Clickimin. (Al)
  • Produce flyers for the Clickimin reception to give out. (Al)
  • Order some t-shirts for members that want them (Al/Andrew)
  • Some members still want to do SPA Assessment.

Use of Club Funds

  • Not enough spare cash for new projects, but current system of member benefits to stay the same.

Wall Nights / Inductions

  • Make the 1st Monday of the month taster sessions more known (Al/Andy)
  • Al to make new gear box
  • Need to organise meeting with Clickimin to finalise plans for shoes, harnesses etc.

Plans & Trips for 2015/16

  • Aurore will be setting initial dates for meets shortly – normally 1st weekend of the month.
  • Meets will be postponed by a week for bad weather.
  • Summer camping weekend meets decided: Papa Stour, Unst, Muckle Roe.
  • Foula trip may be organised by members too this year depending on availability
  • Winter trip for Feb 2016 will be 2 weeks as this year’s was cancelled
  • Nature Festival booked for 6th July. Venue probably Muckle Hell but tbc.