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Winter Trip Report December 2012

By Stu Barton. French Version translated by Nathalie!

[frame align=”left”][singlepic id=439 w=150 h=150 float=][/frame]And then there were two.

Slowly but ever surely the December winter trip is becoming a desperate attempt at justifying the cost of buying equipment, by spending more money on travel and accommodation. No matter, a least we can do some of that proper climbing without taking the excess baggage onto the hill! I sort of wanted to get a grade IV in on this trip not sure whether I could climb at that level, having demonstrated on The Seam that you can’t smear up on ice. But first drastic action was needed. With Pete’s car being out of action I had to buy a new car, new to me anyway, to fit all the gear in. So with Legacy diesel power and a Led Zeppelin sound track we cruised across to Ballater for a reconnaissance*, to plan the forward assault on Lochnagar. A 7km walkabout. Then down to Perth for a camera. Back to bunk house in Braemar. […]

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Winter Trip February 2012

There might not be much snow and ice around but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have that fun thing.
The Forcan Ridge turned out to be a scramble.
Corie an t-Sneachda was rock.
Ben saved the day.

Forcan Ridge. The saga continues…….

Having decided that they’d done enough red pointing of a Grade I/II ridge, the intrepid climbers made there final plans to tame the mountain. Walking in under the cover of darkness they weren’t fooled by the mild air and damp ground under foot, this mountain could bite back at any moment. Having taken under two hours to walk in to the start of the ridge they spit into teams to start the assault. Pete, Julie and Layla set off first followed by Stu and Jonathan. Crampons and rope weren’t needed at this stage – it’s quite difficult to climb on ice when there isn’t any. […]

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Winter Trip December 2011

[frame align=”right”] [singlepic id=329 w=200 h=120] [/frame]The December pre-season winter trip was designed for that breed  of hard core climber who likes to push the limits (or just fancies a week off work…)

We travelled to the digs in Laggan on Sunday (following Saturday night courtesy of Hotel Northlink) via Perth to collect a very small and silly boat for Peter (I think he’s morphing into a Kayaker). The usual round of cafes and shops was done before retiring to the digs for a well earned roast mutton dinner.


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