On a damp Sunday in July the club got together to do a beach reddup (clean) on one of Shetland’s most visible but inaccessible beaches – Calders Geo near the Eshaness lighthouse. It is now the 3rd time that Shetland’s climbers have got together to clear it of bruck, and about 5 years since our last effort.

In the last year or two the rubbish has been building up again and was really horrible to see from the top. Most of the visible rubbish were polystyrene tubes (used inside salmon cage pipes as flotation), fishing buoys, gas cyclinders and plastic drums. As well as these larger items we hauled out around 30 bags of smaller pieces. A total of around 2 tonnes of rubbish.

The geo is very difficult to access and we abseiled down 40m into it, with a team of “collectors” down below and a “haul team” up at the top of the banks. Needless to say it attracted a lot of attention from passing walkers and tourists, and hopefully inspires others to head out and clean up our coastline. The geo is well used by seabirds for nesting so it’s good to know it is now mostly clear of our rubbish.