Reply To: Are there lower grade routes on Shetland?

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Yup, agree with Jonathan. There are plenty of easier routes and a few “friendly” crags and yes, we go to those areas. Last year we developed a new crag which would make a superb venue for learning to lead.

That said, and this is true of sea cliffs generally, Shetland climbing can have a big, serious feel whatever the grade of climb. Eshaness may be single-pitch but anything more different from a Gritstone edge would be hard to find. You need to be able to look after yourself, which at the very least means being able to abseil safely and efficiently.

Wet rock is a biggie for newbies and old hands alike, so we don’t do it as a rule. Some of the rock here is lethally slippery when wet. Much of our time is spent on new routes so, yes, loose and friable rock is always a consideration.

The number of climbers here varies greatly. A fair number go to the wall but there’s a hard core of about a dozen who go out climbing. About half of those are long-established climbers with all their own gear.

You’ll find climbing in Shetland an unusual experience as you’ll probably be involved in exploration from the word go.

Hope to see you soon.