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Hi folks,
Getting ready for Burns Night. Who is all coming? I’m guessing:
Me, Stu, Al, Aurore, Pete, Julie, Verena, Ben, Nathalie, Jonathan, Aimee, Kevin (and wife?).
I also have 6 friends of my Dad’s who are in Shetland so that makes 19 so far. Any other takers?

I’ve got 4 haggis, 2 veggie haggis, 1 large neep and a sack of tatties.
It might be good to have a couple more haggis and a couple more neeps (Tescos was sold out when I went) – can someone take care of that?

I’ve asked Dad’s friends to bring nibbles.

It would be good if some of you could bring sweet stuff – and of course whatever you want to drink.

I suggest you get the ferry over at 6 or 7. Let me know if you’ll want picking up. Let me know also if you’ll be staying over.

Hope that’s everything!