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I’ve spoken to Martin Nicolson about using the track and it’s fine, but he reckons you need a 4×4. Anyone got access to one to haul gear out there? The gate before the building at the Hams is locked but you can at least get most of the way. I’m planning on taking the boat out there, leaving about 1900 from the slip by the bridge. If anyone wants me to take some gear I can do. If it ends up being too choppy for the boat I’ll just take the car. The sooner I break it, sooner we can buy a new one.

We were chatting last night and thought it would be simpler to eat beforehand on Friday rather than cooking late out there. If folk can bring some food for a BBQ on Sat night, plus whatever else. I’ll bring fishing rods! Normal CS rule of “don’t just bring meat” šŸ˜‰

What time are others heading out there, and how are they planning to get out? It’s 3.5km to walk from Little Ayre, so about an hour. The track to drive down isn’t that one though, it’s about 600m before on the right next to some sheep pens.