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Why not make it into a social as well, it doesn’t need to be all administrative tosh – this is supposed to be a fun club, not one that gets bogged down in bulls**t.

I’ve made a call and we can use the Braewick cafe free as long as we don’t mind other folk being around (might not be anyone in April). Christina will put food on for us if we let her know in advance and more than a few want it. She’ll then keep it open so we can have a few drinks till 10 or so. Then folk can camp if they like (£5 per tent for 1, £2 per extra person) or splash out on a Wigwam (£36, sleeps 6 if you’re very friendly!)

There’s more chance of folk turning up if it sounds like a laugh, and therefore more chance of getting a proper rounded opinion from all members. I know it crossing the boundary of ordinary meeting / AGM but I can’t be arsed to have 2! And at least you can have a pint while discussing the administrative tosh!