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Just quickly on the Grind rock action, Andy, I think the hole acts like a piston, as water is forced through the subtterranean and begins to fill the hole from below the large volume of water from above doesn’t fall but is forced forward on a compression of air then with a sound similar but much louder than the canon south of Eshaness it blasts up around the pool area.

This doesn’t happen very often, possibly only once or twice even in the ideal storm, but I have been fortunate enough to see it.

The massive volumes of water that run up the ramp (See Al’s photo) generally don’t do the damage due to them being in the wrong direction for the subterranean and the hole to play its part, they do however move the lifted blocks back across the pool. Too much energy is removed from the lower part of the wave as much of it drops into the hole when the piston effect is not in play. From what I’ve seen when there in optimum conditions it would be possible for a significanty smaller wave to punch a 250kg block clean over the pool!

Anyway, back to the AGM.

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