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I was keen to see how this rock removal worked so I spent a bit of time studying it in real time. Here’s a brief outline.

I observed that as the waves ran up the ramp they lost very little power and some wider swell almost gained speed due to the funneling effect of the two walls leading up to the hole. As the water pushes through the narrow restriction an updraught from the hole forms a cushion of air that gets trapped under this weight of water- likley several tonnes and forces the water to again accelerate. When this volume of water is finally slowed from hitting the obstruction that is the stepped area around the pool the air beneath the water pushes its way up with explosive force and lifts the blocks with relative ease. The larger swells easily capable of lifting and moving one tonne+ blocks across the 25m pool area.

I have this written in detail if anyone is interested and it is my original work so is covered by copyright and not for unauthorised reproduction. I’ve added a couple of photos that show this wave action at work and the same copyright applies to them.

I’d recommend getting out to see this if you can handle the abrasive weather and don’t mind dodging the flying boulders of several pounds that whip past whilst being engulfed in heavy spray! Its also not great for photographic or video equipment!