Re: Climb Shetland Annual General Meeting 2011

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‘Paul, don’t be like that. If you want to discuss the future of the club then I’m sure Bina will accommodate that, but from what I have seen you haven’t proposed that yet? It doesn’t need to be dressed up as AOB’

Jay Lo, I did say earlier in the thread that I’d like to discuss the future of the club, I don’t know if that falls into AOB or whether it can be added onto the agenda? It is after all a big subject for debate and perhaps doesn’t need to dominate the AGM, and I’m not a member so as Andy pointed out ‘non-members are not entitled to a say, though they can always turn up as observers.’

My above post was more about the fact that maybe its simpler for the club to carry on as-is, and like you said, ‘It’a an AGM, what’s there to discuss?’