Re: Climb Shetland Annual General Meeting 2011

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Paul, I realise that you mentioned about the direction of the club, just I don’t think it was clearly offered as an agenda item – as Bina had asked. That wasn’t intended as a dig, just out of all the posts I don’t think anyone (me included) had actually offered anything for the agenda. Apologies, probably me splitting hairs.

If people think its a discussion that need to be addressed then it’s certainly a discussion worth having. My personal take on is that it that should be on-going feedback, a topic that can be discussed whenever. I can see my veiw isn’t shared by everyone, but that’s fine. If it’s to be a AGM topic then all well and good.

On the subject directly. From what I understand membership is up on last year and the finances are healthy, we are getting out reguraly and climbing and have trips south planned for this winter and a plan is formulating for the Lakes in the summer. I don’t know, does anyone feel we can improve on that or could we be doing somethings better?