Re: Climb Shetland Annual General Meeting 2011

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I know it appears to be outside the normal AGM items, but it is how we’ve done it since starting in 2004. I appreciate that the club may well be going well in terms of wall users, outdoor trips and trips away but that’s not necessarily what Paul was meaning – there are other aspects of the club. Personally, I’m not sure it accommodates everyone as well as it could do – its not a criticism, but a few ideas I have to open it up a bit. I may well be away a lot in the next few years, as I have been in the past few, and may not live in Shetland all the time, but I still want to support and be a part of the club. I get so many emails through the website from climbers living in Shetland, visiting Shetland to see family etc. They all use the website, some go to the wall, and all have an interest in Shetland climbing and want to support it, but few of these people join the club.

From all the AGMs I’ve organised for the club until 2009 the agenda items were generally: chair overview, treasurer overview, membership fees, equipment, Shetland trips, trips away, indoor wall sessions, website and usually ending with the unpopular appointment of committee when everyone starts to look shifty and stares at the floor to avoid having to volunteer!! I personally think all those items should be on the agenda. If there’s nothing to say on each then you move on, but it allows members to comment on how they see it, and the meetings were generally quite short, as long as someone chairs the meeting properly to avoid conversations getting out of hand or off topic. Most of those items would normally fall into a “general meeting” and not the AGM, but its always been hard enough convincing people to come to 1 meeting let alone 2! But, as we’ve done in the past we could go for a pint after a wall session and discuss it then (we’ve even done an AGM that way before!) or leave non-AGM items till the meal/beer. I don’t mind.

Anyway, sorry that was so long but just trying to explain – its easy to read posts in the wrong way and think people are having a go when they’re not.