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Agghhh the confusion!!

I think it’s best to have the AGM and Club meeting after the meal. It’s not an arduous thing so it won’t spoil enjoyment and it means we can do it at leisure without feeling we have to be finished at a certain time.
I suggest the AGM starts at 8.30 at Al and Aurores. If we do that then although Pete will miss the AGM he might catch the Club meeting part.
How about we opt for dinner at 6.45? We will be able to get to Al and Aurore’s by 8.30 and if Clair sets off straight from the training she wouldn’t be too late. Aurore could maybe find out the menu options in advance so we could put Claire’s order in.
Does that sound like a reasonable compromise? If so I’ll let Christina know time/numbers tomorrow.

Below are the agendas for the AGM and the meeting to follow. Let me have any comments by Wed and I’ll finalise and bring copies, along with the minutes of the last meetings on Friday :

Climb Shetland
Annual General Meeting
Saturday 25th April 2014, 8.30pm Eshaness
Chair: Stuart Barton


1) Minutes of previous AGM (Sat 20th April 2013)

2) Presentation of accounts

3) Chairman’s report

4) Election of Officers
The following officers to be agreed upon:
Secretary / Club Meets
Officer without portfolio

5) Date of next AGM

Climb Shetland Meeting
Saturday 25th April 2014, 9.00pm Eshaness


1) Minutes of previous meeting (Sat 20th April 2013)

2) Matters arising not covered within the present agenda

3) Memberships

• Current subscriptions
• Members record keeping

4) Climbing wall

• Wall rates
• Inductions

5) Club gear

6) Club funds

• Bolt fund
• Instructing tickets
• Travel fund

7) Club events
• Climbing Symposium
• Summer trip
• Winter trip
• Fundraising

8) Publicity

9) Website / Wiki

10) Climbing Guides

11) AOCB

• Shetland Nature Festival

12) Date of next meeting