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Yeah fair point. And if it was restricted, there should obviously be exceptions to not having access, mainly the people that have contributed to it a lot (thinking Paul, Ross etc). But still, we’d miss out on visiting climbers who’d record routes if they could, but wouldn’t pay for it.

But on the other hand it gives value to membership and may mean more people join to support the club and website (just like the old days!), rather than join cos they climb at the clickimin!

Maybe a better idea is to give the miniguides free to club members, and just put a “donate” system on the database, urging non-members to consider donating to support the club/website.

Tis worth discussing it on here though as the “non-members” who use this site an awful lot, won’t be at the AGM to have their say. And its not really a club decision, as Paul says.