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Aye that we did. Up to sec to actually roll it out, although the membership now runs from May so it makes sense to start it then…. From minutes:

“After some discussion it was agreed to have:

1) Basic Membership at £15 which gives members MCoS membership and use of club equipment.

2) Membership with Wall Supplement at £26.50 which gives members MCoS membership, discounted wall use, free chalk balls and use of club equipment”

So worth paying extra if you climb at the wall or manage to get through 7 chalk balls a year! We did suggest £13 but MCofS alone is £13.50 which has doubled in the past few years!

Child/family was discussed but not agreed. It was supposed to be the subject of a further meeting but we also agreed to switch AGMs to May so we may as well just do it then. As it stands there is no Under 16s reduced membership fee, and full U16 membership is £13.50 anyway I think.