Re: Monday evenings and new climber question

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Hi Tamsin,
If you can do the usual things, i.e. put on a harness, tie on to the rope and belay another climber, you can roll up any Monday night. There are harnesses, belay plates and some (rather clapped-out) shoes at the wall which are free to borrow. You’ll have to do a short check and sign a form. Somebody will climb with you so don’t worry.

Complete beginners can come along on the first Monday of every month for a have-a-go session. If they like it they need to register for an induction course. These are run separately and sporadically, usually on a Thursday evening.

If you want to climb outdoors you really need your own shoes & harness as a minimum. The club has a couple of harnesses to lend to members. Not all climbing trips are suitable for novice climbers as many of the Shetland venues are pretty serious. If you turn up and generally make yourself known you’ll find out more!

Hope to see you soon.

Andy Long