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I have a load of photos taken back in 2008 for topos, on a typically grey day, so not perfect! These include Black Wall. I’ll create a topo for Black Wall and talk you through the location of the other lines dotted around the place when I see you. I’ve uploaded the the photos to the drop box in a file under Muckle Hell topos. I’ve also included the “secret buttress” that Pete banned me from climbing on until Julie bagged her first ascent. It looks a lovely wee route. The route descriptions and names from 2011 are also more up to date than the one’s you have loaded up. When writing up Crocodile Wall I missed out quite a few of the routes as they were all wee and all about Diff, as far as Pete could remember and before anyone shouts I wasn’t being gradest, it just they are all small, about Diff and more akin to being boulder problems.