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As someone with little natural aptitude for leading I think that you really need to practice the whole process of trying to identify the quickdraw on your harness (out of all the other random bits of metal that are there), unclipping it from your harness, clipping it on the wall (the right way up) and then wrestling to get the rope through it (the right way round) – so I don’t think it would be very helpful having quickdraws already there. Part of the challenge for me is managing to hold on with one arm long enough to do all those things. If it’s just a case of clipping in to pre hanging quick draws then it’s a much faster process. It doesn’t really help you make the transition to leading outside when you have to hang around even longer as you try to place your gear.
For the record I had lots of fear as a 12 year old despite my flexibility šŸ™‚