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I’ve done that. It seems that unless you’re working with an organisation that’s specifically aimed at youngsters you don’t need to be disclosed. Minors who come to the wall without their parents are classed as “incidentals” and not counted as within the remit of the scheme.

This was a bit of a surprise to me since it calls into question whether anybody in the group needs disclosure. I know I do because I occasionally do private sessions for youth clubs. I suppose it makes a sort of sense in that, if you were to take the reductio-ad-absurdam, everybody who gave a bit of advice to a minor would have to be disclosed.

What does seem to be the case though is that if you’ve already got a CRB for one outfit and then want to work with another one you can register with the new PVG scheme IF THAT ORGANISATION MAKES IT A CONDITION OF MEMBERSHIP.

They still couldn’t give me a date for the migration of existing CRB’s onto the new system. It will require filling in a form but not a complete background check, just an update.

I suggest we don’t do anything for the time being as we’re adequately covered.