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Sorry everyone – issue resolved! The website disc space was full so it wasn’t allowing uploads.

Andrew – my inbox was empty which took me to the server to look for clues! Turns out wordpress has been creating core dump files. It had created a lot, but specifically 4 that were between 70 – 80 MB and that had filled up the disc space on the server. Apparently they can be caused by a poorly coded plugin or something – basically they are effectively an error report. I’ll email you ftp access details so you can delete them in the future if it happens again – there is no risk in deleting them. Unfortunately I only have a 500MB hosting plan so its easy for these to cause trouble. If I can change my reseller package to unlimited space without too much extra cost, I might do that…

Every time this happens I receive an email to say that the server is running out of space so shouldn’t go unnoticed. I got that email while I was away and didn’t have my laptop so couldn’t investigate.