Re: South Gill

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1. ??? VS 4b
2. [Andrew’s Route] HVS 5a
3. [Paul’s Route] E3 6a?
4. Black Box E2 5c *

1. Plunder Severe 4b **
2. Pillage HS 4c *
3. Red Snapper HVS 4c. (Might actually be existing route Sandblast HVS 5a? Not sure.)
4. Pinkersand HVS 4c
5. Jagged Edge VS 4c (Think that’s right!)
6. Cross Bow VS 4c or Bow Crack Indirect VS 4b if you follow the crack right.
7. Unclimbed.
8. Steps VDiff.
9. Step n Wall. Severe. As for Steps but carry on up wall.