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Speaking to a few people about this, not everyone seems to understand exactly what’s involved so thought I’d post up… The course is really aimed at teaching the skills to take novices out climbing at single pitch crags (ones you can walk to the bottom and walk off the top of and are non-tidal), so excludes sea cliffs etc.

It doesn’t teach you to lead, to climb outdoors or anything like that, but will certainly help your skills for this, and that’s the main reason several of us did it in 2005. Most never intended to do the assessment.

According to the MTA who administer the course, you should have been climbing for a year and have led 15 climbs outside on lead placed protection before doing the training. Pete Richardson might be flexible with this so worth getting in touch if you’re not sure.

After the training you need to gain more experience before doing the assessment. This can take a long time and you’ll need to have done 40 lead climbs outside mostly severe or above on a variety of rock types and crags and assisted supervising climbing for at least 20 sessions (this is tricky to do in Shetland, but possible).

This BMC video is pretty good:

More info:

If you are going to do it you’ll need to sign up to the MTA on the page above. This costs £39 and I think you need your MCofS member number which Andy should be able to get for you.

You should also buy the course handbook and read up a bit beforehand especially if its all new to you. Its a great book to have anyway. I think there is one at the library.