Re: Winter Trip?

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Just to let you know, we’ll be heading up from Glasgow on Saturday morning but going via Braemar to sort Aurore’s boots out. Are folk up for a sat afternoon ski again? Worth checking on conditions and heading where it’s best I think – Nevis has been much better than Cairngorm recently. I’ll have a spare pair of telemark skis, and Stevie has left a spare pair of touring skis, although may leave them here unless anyone thinks they’ll be useful? I will try to get an extra axe and crampons off Tommy for Stevie.

I haven’t been able to get hold of Brian, so no idea if he has sorted ferry or borrowed gear. Can someone try and get hold of him?

Snow looks great so we’ll not bother with kayak gear, plus don’t want too much on show in the car as we’re parking in Edinburgh and Glasgow overnight!