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    Hello there,

    My name’s Eva and I’m from Spain.
    I’ve just heard about the Shetland Islands by chance, watching a TV series and suddenly the name’s come up and I was curious about the location. Oh well, I got stunned about the whereabouts, amazing views… and, why not? a nice place to live.
    So I’ve done some research in this order: 1- main city (which seems to be Lerwick), 2- chances of getting a job (not many) and 3- climbing clubs (you guys).
    The thing is that I can’t find anywhere in this webpage where you are based, where the climbing wall is. I’d appreciate any info you can give me even in terms of finding a job (you wouldn’t believe how hard-working I am :)). I love climbing even though I’m not brilliant at it but I try to practice a few hours a week. In September I went to Gijón (in Spain) for the world cup and I couldn’t believe it when I found myself talking to Adam Ondra and many others, I was lucky.

    I hope to hear back from you soon (on any matter even work-wise).
    Many thanks in advance.

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    Hi Eva

    Sorry – we seem to have ignored you. It’s winter and perhaps climbing is not to the forefront of people’s minds just now. The climbing wall is in Lerwick, but the club isn’t really based anywhere – we climb all over the islands.
    Jobs – Shetland has low unemployment and plenty of opportunities if you are prepared to try anything

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