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    Climb Shetland
    Annual General Meeting 2013
    Saturday 20th April 2013, 7pm. Braewick Cafe
    Chair: Stuart Barton

    Present: Robina Barton, Stuart Barton, Diane Connor, Andrew Hunter, Andy Long, Julie Maguire, Brian Murphy, Persephone Poulton, Tommy Robertson, Peter Sawford, Jonathan Swale, Al Whitworth, Aurore Whitworth
    Apologies: Paul Whitworth

    1) Minutes of previous meeting
    The minutes of the last AGM held 28th April 2012 were proposed by AL and seconded by PS.

    2) Presentation of accounts
    AL presented the accounts. The current balance is £1999.64. This includes what is in the cashbox. We have made slightly less money than in previous years due to the wall being less busy, but this means that more climbing is possible.

    3) Chairman’s Report
    SB delivered the Chairman’s report. The new membership scheme, club rules, and policies as agreed last year have been implemented. The club membership stands at 31, which is more than in the previous few years. 4 members have taken the new basic membership option. The wall is going well and meeting afterwards in Mareel is also good as everyone can come. Club members have been getting outside to climb and there has been good planning via the forum, despite poor weather. 12 people took part in the winter trip in March and the report will soon be on the website. This year also saw the first Climb Shetland marriage. We hope this will set a precedent 

    4) Election of Officers
    The following Officers were proposed and accepted:
    Chair – Stuart Barton (Proposed RB, Seconded AL)
    Secretary – Robina Barton (Proposed SB, seconded PS)
    Treasurer – Andy Long (Proposed PS, Seconded JM)
    Club Meets – Al Whitworth (Proposed SB, Seconded AH)
    Wall Secretary – Andrew Hunter (Propose JM, Second SB)
    Website – Al Whitworth (Proposed SB, Seconded RB)
    Foreign Affairs – Aurore Whitworth (Proposed JS, Seconded SB)
    Officer without portfolio – Julie Maguire (Proposed RB, Seconded AB)

    5) Date of next AGM
    The next AGM will be held April / May 2014. It will be the tenth anniversary of the club.
    Action: Robina circulate possible AGM dates in April 2014
    Robina Barton 11/05/13

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