Anyone climbing in April who would let an over-zealous Tasmanian tag along??

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    Hello Shetlanders!

    I am recently arrived from Tasmania, Australia, & am spending the next month or so in Shetland… & the idea of spending a month without climbing makes me a little bit sad! Is there anyone out there who is looking for a climbing partner/belayer?? I have been climbing for a few years (just in Tassie really), mostly on trad, & am happy seconding up to a 19 (which I believe is a HVS??) & leading to around a 15 (VS?) on trad, although it’s been a few months since I’ve been out! I have a harness, shoes & belay device with me, being ever-hopeful…

    I understand the weather is a challenge, as is transport & availability, but I am SO KEEN to get out there on these grand cliffs. I have a WHOLE WEEK off from the 11th to the 16th of April, so if anyone is free in that time & the weather gods are kind, I would be in raptures to climb anything, anywhere.

    Thanks so much for any help

    Cheers, Stef

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    I thought 19 was supposed to be about E2. Anyway, you’re perfectly welcome to come out. Just watch this space.

    Actually, I’m retired, which means I’m

    a) Decrepit, but

    b) Available mid-week

    I’ve even done a bit of climbing in Tassie…

    Andy Long

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    We always welcome tag-alongs, especially if they can belay! Early season is slightly limiting in Shetland but there should be a few crags in condition soon enough. I’ll keep that week in mind and hopefully manage a few sessions.

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    Hey guys! Thanks for being so welcoming – it’s great to come across! I forgot to mention in my original post: If anyone would like to get in contact, feel free to send me an email at or PM me on Facebook – at present I am phoneless & fancy-free, which can be slightly awkward… Thanks folks šŸ™‚

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