Minutes of Climb Shetland Meeting 25th April 2014

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    And here are the minutes of the last club meeting 🙂

    Climb Shetland Meeting
    Friday 25th April 2014, Eshaness

    Present: Robina Barton, Stuart Barton, Andrew Hunter, Stevie Jay, Claire Jones, Ross Jones, Andy Long, Julie Maguire, Pete Sawford, Jonathan Swale, Al Whitworth, Aurore Whitworth

    1) Minutes of the previous meeting
    The minutes of the last meeting held 20th April 2013 were proposed by AW and seconded by AH

    2) Matters arising not covered within the present agenda

    3) Memberships
    • Current subscriptions
    Currrent subscription rates are £17 for Basic Membership and £28 with Wall Supplement. All are happy to keep rates the same. Subscriptions are due now – the deadline is the end of December 2014.

    • Members record keeping
    AL has set up Members application form rather than Member subscription form to get people’s contact details.
    Action: AW will set up Climb Shetland email address and link members to it so that if anyone emails it, it will go to everyone. This will be an easy way of sharing information.

    4) Climbing wall
    • Wall rates
    Current wall rates are £6.00 and £4.00. All are happy to keep rates the same. It is important that the shoes at the Clickimin are replaced. They are no longer safe. It may be that they will have to be hired out rather than loaned out.
    Action: AL organise a meeting with the Clickimin to propose a coherent strategy. AW, AH and SB will attend. They will meet up first to decide on a way forward.

    • Inductions
    The wall has been losing money recently as it is quite quiet. It is £37.90 for a two hour session. If there is a meeting we will try to negotiate a discount given that we maintain the wall and run activities on Clickimin event days. AL suggests starting ad hoc inductions again, limited to 2 or 3 folk at a time. All agreed.

    5) Club gear
    We still need a box for the club gear. No new gear is required. One harness is still missing. It is a bit tricky when we work with groups like Shetland Nature Festival as we have to use the Clickimin harnesses but this limited use does not justify getting extra club ones.
    Action: PS will make a box.

    6) Club funds
    • Bolt fund
    It was intended to clean up the quarry for easy routes and ab routes last year but the weather prevented it. We could do it this year but it’s not a priority for club funds. We will look into it.

    • Instructing tickets
    6 club members did the SPA training last year. (RB, JS, SB, DC, AW, RP). JM has already done it. SB, JM and AW are interested in doing the assessment in the future.

    • Travel fund
    SB suggests that it stays the same as it is – 20% off travel and accommodation for any club trip (e.g. more than two club members) if funds are available. It is not guaranteed.

    • AGM meal
    Members are happy to pay for their own AGM meal as a rule. If it is a particularly good year we will use club funds for this but not as a general rule. We want to keep a buffer of £1000 in the funds.

    7) Club events
    • Climbing symposium
    There are no plans for a symposium at present.

    • Summer trip
    Camping weekend suggestions are Papa Stour, Muckle Roe, The Veng, Foula and the Isle of Nibon. All agreed to aim for Foula and Muckle Roe. It could be possible to have a club trip to the South of France in October. It was also agreed to visit the Veng and get routes photographed and written up.
    Action: AW will look into Foula and France and put suggested dates and options on the Forum. It would be possible to charter a plane or a boat to Foula. AuW will circulate a french climbing magazine for folk to check out possible routes.

    • Winter trip
    The next club winter trip will run in Feb/Mar 2015

    • Fundraising
    There are no fundraising plans at present.

    8) Publicity
    There are no publicity needs at present.

    9) Website/Wiki
    Everyone is happy with the current situation. No changes are needed. AW may work on a bigger website with Promote Shetland, based on outdoor Shetland. This would amalgamate several sports and have one large forum but it is not certain to happen.

    10) Climbing guides
    15-20 sets of guides have now sold. A lot to people from south have bought them, including a group of 13 kayakers who will stay at Bridge End in May. There are no more guides to be produced as the ‘book’ is full (unless we decide on a second volume). There is great potential now to do a full guidebook so everyone is asked to keep recording their routes. If anyone is paddling past Banna Minn it would be helpful to get some photographs – ditto Ruggan, Ness of Sound.

    11) AOCB
    • Shetland Nature Festival
    Climb Shetland will run another taster session on Mon 7th July. The advertised venue is Bressay but this may be changed to Pundsar if conditions on the day warrant it. The Clickimin Wall is the wet weather option. Bookings will be taken through Shetland Box Office.

    12) Date of next meeting
    Action: RB circulate possible dates nearer the time.
    NB We will aim to have a club meet the first weekend of every month. If necessary it will be postponed for a week, rather than cancelled but it would be better to stick with the first weekend so that people can plan. The first weekend in May will be in Fetlar.

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    Thanks Bina…

    Action: AW will set up Climb Shetland email address and link members to it so that if anyone emails it, it will go to everyone. This will be an easy way of sharing information.

    Andy – can you update the members list and put it in the dropbox. If you aren’t on the dropbox just email it to me and I’ll put it there

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