Nature Festival 2017

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  • Al
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    As usual we are going to be holding a climbing taster session at this years nature festival. For a change I’ve opted for a Sunday session so we can have more choice of venues. Date is Sunday 2nd July. There are 12 spaces available (increased from 10 on previous years).

    Open to suggestions on venues, but my choice would be the South Gill as it’s a great top rope crag with a massive range of grades and easy setups.

    Please post up if you can come to help out. If you are a non-climber and would like to attend then you can book online following the links here:

    Currently listed as 6-9pm but I’ve suggested changing this to 2-5pm.

    pete s
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    i can help

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    Sorry, can’t make it, I’m on the boat that night and can’t risk being late!

    I’ve got the club harnesses – who can take them up?

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    I’ll be there and Kevin, I can stop by your house to get the harnesses sometime before next Sunday.

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    I can be there. I have four harnesses for student use – 2M, 2F.

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    The time is now 2-5pm (just awaiting final confirmation from Rory). Weather looks ok, but breezy westerly. I’ve said South Gill as a venue – best bet if it’s damp. Meet at Jonnie Notions Bod at 2pm.

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