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  • julie maguire
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    I was thinking we could fundraise using the have-a-go on the wall technique that we used a few years ago for the Clickimin open day. If you remember the queue stretched out of the building .We could charge £5 a go and maybe even asked the Clickimin for a donation of free wall hire .Obviously this time of year it is difficult to pin people and wall hire down .If we could organise something soon we could donate to Red Cross but if it isnt until a later date then we could donate to Community Action Nepal who support mountain families in the area.
    I believe other clubs across the country are also organising events with support from BMC .
    If this sounds like a good idea i will start the ball rolling with the Clickimin .

    pete s
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    im game

    Fat Git
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    Well worth a try I’d say

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    Sounds good Julie, go for it. As the Clickimin quietens down for summer I’m sure they could spare a 2-hour slot in an evening. I can get it promoted on Shetnews and other websites and will make a poster.

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    Yup, great idea!

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    Yep, great idea Julie, I’m happy to help. I think the sooner the better whilst it’s still fresh on peoples minds.

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