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    So after the AGM it gave me a bit more enthusiasm to redo the miniguides (as 4 people paid up front for new ones), and it occurred to us that with the new SCi website it may well be easier and more useful for everyone if we made a kind of update-able book, rather than chasing our tail on this guidebook.

    So we’ve decided to make up completely new guides, based on the SCi database. This means that if you want a new guide, you’ll need to help us out and add routes and topos to the website! It’s also a way for us to fund the SCi site, and any money left will go to bolts for Raasmi/Virdans.

    The guides will be in an A5 “presentation book” with clear wallets, and the pages slotted in. This means when we email round updated versions you can print them off yourself and insert them rather than buying new guides. Cost will be £10 for a full set I think, and we’ll hopefully have all these guides ready within a few weeks:

    Grind, Lighthouse, Ronas Voe, Ronas Hill, Raasmi, Culswick, Bannaminn, Nibon, possibly Skelda Ness.

    Its limited to 80 pages in a book, but can easily have more than one eventually. Preview of the new format is here: Hope that sounds ok for everyone. Let me know if you want a set.

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    Got the first guide printed and ready yesterday, pleased with it. What do you think?

    Added South Gill, Black Crag and Lunning to the list. There will be over 350 routes listed, most with photo topos. Will have them at the wall on Monday.

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    Very nice could you give mine to julie or stu .ta

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