Not at all jealous

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  • Al
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    The new Orkney wall, as of the 15th Sept.

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    Okay; who’s writing to the Clickimin!??
    That fire exit through the overhang looks a bit annoying though!

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    I like the way they’ve just ignored the doors! They must have a climber on the inside, maybe we need to plant one in the Clicki!

    pete s
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    Ok its twice as good as the clickamin not that great then;-)

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    This is the proposed look of the finished thing. The overhang is complete and they have actually cut out a hole for the door! I hope its just a fire escape rather than an entrance or that could be challenging! “Walk through this door at your own risk”

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    It looks good, but not that much better than ours – about the same height anyway. No bouldering area either, like us. I went to the Kendal climbing wall while I was away. It was always excellent, now it’s even better because they’ve taken over the upper floors of the tall industrial building and filled them with brilliant bouldering and highball stuff. One of the best things I saw was a huge overhang, about 20 degrees from the horizontal and 10 metres long – and a ramp of thick matting about 1.5 metres underneath! Now that would make me jealous!

    Fat Git
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    I don’t suppose you met a totally bald guy with specs whilst you were there did you? – my brother!

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