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    Hello everyone,
    As agreed at the Dec AGM a small group of us have looked at how to implement the new ‘two tier’ membership and also to look at amending club policy relating to children, vulnerable adults and wall usage. (Those involved were Andy, Stu, Bina, Jonny, Al, Andrew).

    The various proposals are below. Note that MCoS membership has increased so we’ve adjusted our charges accordingly. New memberships are due in April so ideally we want to implement the proposals as of the 1st April and then ratify them at the AGM in May.



    1) The new membership system will be implemented from April 1st. MCoS membership has gone up to £14.25 for adults and £8.45 for children and it is proposed that club rates are adjusted accordingly:

    Adult basic: £17
    Adult with wall supplement: £28
    Child basic: £10
    Child with wall supplement: £21

    2) The Club Constitution 3.3 will be altered to:

    3.3 Club Membership is open to Under 18s only with parental consent and at the strict discretion of the Committee.

    3) The childrens membership form will be for U18s and the terms of membership will be:

    Persons must always be supervised an adult member of the club.
    Minimum age of 10 applies
    Climb Shetland reserve the right to not allow under 18s on some trips.
    Persons must be competent before attending club meets as we don’t provide instruction

    4) A line will be removed from the Club Rules:

    ‘Adult members must not belay under 16s unless they are in the presence of, and have the written permission of, the Parent or Guardian’.

    This is because the membership form is signed off by a parent or guardian. This form makes clear that U18s will be supervised by adult members of the club and that climbing is a dangerous activity that can result in injury or death.


    All agreed that the wall is too busy on club nights. The following was proposed to address this and to ensure the safety of all users to be implemented from 1st April:

    1) There will be no more inductions on Monday nights. People who wish to be inducted will be referred to Andy and when he has enough folk he will run a session.

    2) On the first club night of every month the club will run a taster session so people who would like to have a go can come along then and at no other time.

    3) Non-inducted people (e.g. friends of inductees) will only be allowed on club nights at the discretion of a senior club member (office bearer). The person bringing the non-inductee takes responsibility for their safety. Under no circumstances can non-inductees belay. It is not currently clear whether legal responsibility for non-inductees at club nights lies with Clickimin, the Club or the individual climber. (We’re looking into it)

    4) Wall users will be requested not to hog panels and to ask for help if their belaying is a bit rusty.

    5) Children and vulnerable adults must be accompanied by a responsible adult unless at the discretion of a senior club member (office bearer). The U18 induction questionnaire is signed off by a parent or guardian and gives club members the right to belay for them.

    6) A new CRB check system is being brought in. It is suggested that Andy, Al, Pete, Julie, Stu, and Jon should have checks for the Climbing Club. (Currently Andy, Pete and Al have their SPA).


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    Hi, I’ve looked into the children and vulnerable adults system. The position at the moment is that the new system,(the “PVG” system), which went “live” in February 2011, is only open to new people. Anybody who is already registered with the “CRB” system is not yet eligible. The plan is to phase in the new system over a three-year period with new applicants taking precedence. They couldn’t give me a date for changing over, nor did they know whether it would require registering from scratch or some sort of migration process. Those of us who usually work with kids already have CRB but if anyone who isn’t would like to get on the new scheme, contact me. The advantage of it is that you don’t have to re-register for each organisation you work with, there being an automatic updating system with only a check needed.

    Fat Git
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    “3.3 Club Membership is open to Under 18s only with parental consent and at the strict discretion of the Committee.”
    Is committee approval necessary? This implies an arbitrary selection process. As under 18s can only climb under the supervision of an adult member it would seem to me to be fairer that they can join the club regardless, since they can only climb if someone is prepared to take responsibility for them.

    rockhoppers mate
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    That makes sense Jonathan. I think we could scrub the bit about approval.

    Fat Git
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    Andy, my understanding of the children and vulnerable adults situation is that under the old system you had to have a seperate clearance for each job/club, but if you now need clearance in a new situation you would go into the new system, even if you have existing clearance(s) under the old. So, I have “previous” both through work and for the canoe club, but if I needed clearance for climbing I would get the new one which covers all activities.

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    As I understand it, the old system is still valid and you can get a CRB check for a new club as before. I’m not 100% certain of this though and I’ll check for you if you’re thinking of doing it.

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    I’ve done that. It seems that unless you’re working with an organisation that’s specifically aimed at youngsters you don’t need to be disclosed. Minors who come to the wall without their parents are classed as “incidentals” and not counted as within the remit of the scheme.

    This was a bit of a surprise to me since it calls into question whether anybody in the group needs disclosure. I know I do because I occasionally do private sessions for youth clubs. I suppose it makes a sort of sense in that, if you were to take the reductio-ad-absurdam, everybody who gave a bit of advice to a minor would have to be disclosed.

    What does seem to be the case though is that if you’ve already got a CRB for one outfit and then want to work with another one you can register with the new PVG scheme IF THAT ORGANISATION MAKES IT A CONDITION OF MEMBERSHIP.

    They still couldn’t give me a date for the migration of existing CRB’s onto the new system. It will require filling in a form but not a complete background check, just an update.

    I suggest we don’t do anything for the time being as we’re adequately covered.

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    Wow, sounds complicated Andy. Good work on figuring it all out.

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    Well done digging that up Andy, why they make these schemes so opaque I have no idea! It would be good if disclosure checks weren’t needed, it does seem a bit over the top if they’re required for what we do.

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