Summer wall bookings, memberships and other stuff.

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    Last night, 22nd of June, was the final night of the current block-booking of the climbing wall. The next one starts on 24th of August. I tried, as usual, to book it for 18.30 – 20.30 and, as usual, got the bum’s rush. So it’s the same time next season.

    In the intervening period I intend to book the wall on a weekly basis. Be aware, though, that the main hall will be closed for maintenance for a period encompassing five Mondays. That means we’ve got the next three Mondays, 29th June, 6th July & 13th July available. I’ve booked the first two dates already.

    6th July is the climbing night of the Shetland Nature Festival, when we provide a taster session at Muckle Hell on Bressay. Some of us will be going over to run that but anybody who’s not been before is welcome to come and help out. Contact Al, Andrew, Stu or me either directly or via the website for more info.

    I’ll keep the wall booked for that night in case the weather’s lousy and for anybody who wants to go anyway, but it would be nice to know if nobody’s going so I can cancel. It cost’s £39.00 a time so I’d rather not waste it.

    We spoke last night about arranging climbing on the Monday evenings that are free. Watch this space!

    Membership subs are now due (have been for a while in fact) and I’d like to know which among those who haven’t yet paid are going to so I can complete the membership returns for the MCofS. Please can you at least drop me a line. I can put out a list, but I’d rather not…


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    Thanks Andy. I’ll put a news post up about the wall.

    I suggest you list members you’re needing money from as I don’t think people really know! Either that or send them an email (which I can do). When does the year actually run from now?

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    April 1st.

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