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    Hi there,

    I’m a Student and keen climber, Coming up to stay a month on Unst from the 22nd of May. I’m very keen to get out and climb in the evenings if there’s someone looking for a partner? The amount of gear ill be able to bring is very limited due to the distance i’m travelling but i’ll have the basics (harness, shoes, chalk, belay, nut-key ect) I’ve heard the main bulk of the climbing is on the North of the island. Unfortunately I’ll be staying in the south. Does anyone know of any bouldering spots on Unst easily accessible from the south. If not, I don’t mind travelling around the islands to explore the climbing and just want to get involved!



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    Hi Will,

    The established venues on Unst are fairly limited and yes they are in the North, but that’s not to say there aren’t other areas that we haven’t located yet on Unst. I’m afraid I can’t help you on the bouldering front. There aren’t any resident active climbers on Unst, however I’m sure Pete will persuade you to visit Fetlar to savour what the place has to offer.

    Your best bet will be to try and work research commitments so that you can maximise your time off Unst and back on the mainland. I may well make a trip up to Unst during the time you are up there. I’ll be away for the first week you are here. Unst is a lovely island, just more limited on the climbing front.

    Your best approach will be to work out when you have the time available and then post here and see who else can make it.

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    Hi im in fetlar ,have shit loads of gear, work on fetlar ferry, available most week nights to climb in fetlar,easy to get hold of juast ask a local

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    Thanks for the reply Ross, definitely some food for thought!
    And Pete i’ll be taking you up on that offer, I’ve been looking at Fetlar on UKC and there looks to be some incredible climbing! Is the ferry from Unst to Fetlar? if so, ideal.

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