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    As you may have noticed, I’ve spent a bit of time over the last week or so improving (I hope!) the website. I’d be keen to get some feedback on what you think, and any other areas for improvement so I can get it done while I’m on a role! The main updates have been to make it easier to use, especially on mobiles and tablets and encourage folk to add more to it.

    • Log In / Out made easier to use and find!
    • All areas optimised for phones/tablets
    • You can follow the site on Facebook (icon at top)
    • When logged in you can add new forum topic, news item or photo all from the home page
    • Cleaned up the forum pages
    • You can now add images in forum posts
    • Completely new photo pages – much better on mobiles
    • You can now comment on photos, share them to FB etc.
    • Club Info page updated
    • New FAQ section for non-members – please help me by suggesting some more to go on!
    • Weather information on home page (is it ok?)
    • New news item automatically creates forum topic for discussion (meant for club trips etc)
    • …and lots of little things you probably won’t notice!

    Stuff I haven’t done, but could do if people would find it useful…

    • Follow the site via Twitter or other social media?
    • Pay for your membership online?
    • Subscribe to new forum posts and news by email
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    Well I like it. Keep it up while you’re on a roll.

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    Just added user profiles again. It was something I got rid of a while ago. So you can now add avatars again etc.

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