The June club trip will be a bit later this month (Pete’s pie night the week before in Fetlar). The trip will either be to Muckle Roe or Papa Stour and we’ll decide that week depending on the forecast. Either way it makes little difference really.

Muckle Roe:

We need a calm sea for this to be worth it so we can get gear out there by boat and kayak. There’s a 4×4 track too but it’s an hours easy walk anyway. I’ll take the gear in the boat again so you don’t need to carry that. Camping out at the Hams is beautiful and it was a brilliant weekend last year. There isn’t much recorded climbing there but plenty to explore and mess around on. We found a good small crag for learning to lead last year.

Papa Stour:

If the sea is a bit rougher or the weather iffy we’ll go for this option as there’s the waiting room to camp next to. We’ll head across on the ferry Friday night (also a Sat am ferry) and back on Sunday pm. Not much scope for coming back early on this one as there are only 1 ferry on Sunday. We camp next to the terminal so don’t need to take cars – all the gear can go in our van. The climbing there is excellent sea cliffs of all grades. There’s also a new crag we’ll be scouting out for new routes that we spied last year.