Climb Shetland Annual General Meeting 2010

Friday, 9th December 2011, 7pm. Islesburgh Community Centre
Chair: Stuart Barton

Present: Robina Barton, Stuart Barton, Andrew Hunter, Luke Kenny, Kevin Learmonth, Andy Long, John Lowes, Nathalie Pion, Jonathan Swale, Al Whitworth.

Apologies: Julie Maguire, Peter Sawford

1) Minutes of previous meeting
The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed by AL and seconded by JS.

2) Presentation of accounts
AL presented a written breakdown of accounts from 01/04/2010 to 31/03/2011 with supporting notes. The main point to note is that the SIC required a larger underspend return on the Derbyshire grant than was calculated but this occurred after members had been reimbursed. It was decided to write this off so the trip was effectively subsidised from club funds and so appears as a deficit.
AL also presented a written breakdown of accounts from 01/04/2011 – 09/12/2011 (present) with supporting notes. The current balance of the account is a healthy £1071.73.
The accounts have not yet been officially audited. AL will ensure this is done asap.

Action: AL to arrange for accounts audit.

3) 2010 Report
SB presented the Chairman’s report. It has been an active year for Climb Shetland including monthly outings the first weekend of every month, a successful winter trip and taster sessions for the Boys Brigade and ‘A Peerie taste of Fetlar’. AW has created a new website which is a vast improvement on the old one and the wall has been well attended and generated a steady stream of income. As of 09/12/11 Climb Shetland has 25 members.

4) Election of Officers
The following Officers were proposed and accepted:
Chair – Stuart Barton (Proposed RB, Seconded JL)
Secretary / Social Sec. – Robina Barton (Proposed AH, Seconded AH)
Treasurer – Andy Long (Proposed KL, Seconded AW)
Wall Secretary – Andrew Hunter (Propose JL, Second RB)
Website – Al Whitworth (Proposed KL, Seconded SB)
Officer without portfolio – Julie Maguire (Proposed SB, Seconded NP)

5) Date of next AGM
AW proposed that the AGM be moved to the spring to tie in with the financial year and make attendance easier. This was agreed by all present.

Action: RB circulate possible AGM dates for late April / Early May 2012