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  • Al
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    Great progress on the new climbing wall finally! We’ve been waiting a long time for this and today received photos of probably the final design.

    In summary, the wall is 7.5m high (pretty much the same as the highest point at the Clickimin), will have 8 climbing lines (Clickimin was 5) and will also have a 3m high bouldering/traverse wall and steeply overhanging training wall (moonboard).

    The design is a big step up from the old wall with far more interest and a 1.5m overhang in the centre as well as a slab, corner and a few straight vertical lines.

    It will be housed at Aith leisure centre in the old squash court, but we’re still yet to discuss things like opening times, access, prices etc. Best guess is that the wall will be built early 2018.

    Aith Climbing Wall 1

    Aith Climbing Wall 2

    Aith Climbing Wall 3

    Aith Climbing Wall 4

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    Yes, looks good. It needs to be got under way ASAP.

    pete s
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    great stuff

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