The annual trip was as busy as ever this year. The report usually says the weather was crap and avalanche risk high and that’s the excuse for not getting stuff done. This year it was truly a “multi activity” trip so even though not everyone managed exactly what they went to do, it was a cracking and packed week.

The contenders this year were; Al, Aurore, Stu, Bina, Pete, Jonathan & Stevie with guest appearances from Ruby, Dan & Alice.


To save you an elongated and boring account of our antics, here’s a summary:

Saturday: Al, Aurore and Stevie practised falling over at Glenshee Ski Centre, Pete and Stu went for a romantic drive around the highlands, Jonathan eased himself into the week with 15 miles of x-country skiing and Bina went sooth to visit her folks.

Sunday: Pete, Stu and Stevie took advantage of the good conditions for a stroll along tower ridge. Al, Jonathan and Aurore carried skis along and across a river, went up a hill, had a cup of tea and then carried them back down again.

Monday: Pete, Al, Aurore, Dan and Alice skied in the mist probably at Glen Coe. Can’t remember what everyone else did! Add a comment below…

Tuesday: Pete, Stu, Aurore, Stevie and Jonathan went to climb at Coire an T-Sneachda but there was too much snow. Al, Dan and Alice went to Cairngorm to do a ski tour but couldn’t see anything so didn’t get very far and ended up piste.

Wednesday: was a rest day, which meant kayaking down the river Coe for Jonathan, Al, Pete and Ruby. Stu and Stevie went for a walk. Aurore and Bina actually understood the concept of a rest day and went for a steam & swim. We all then ate chips and watched people climbing at the Ice Factor grumbling about their grading.

Thursday: Al, Jonathan and Stevie went for a ski tour at Cairngorm. It was mostly in the mist. Stevie is now put off for life and I managed to lose the others. Oops. Pete, Aurore and Bina skied at Cairngorm and Stu wandered up Fiacaill ridge.

Friday: was the worst forecast of the week. Pete, Stu and Al walked for 3 hours in 50mph winds and snow before deciding to go to the pub. Everyone else was sensible and didn’t go out in the first place. Fort William shops did well that day!

Saturday: We all went home. 🙁


Great week, good company, very nice whisky and looking forward to the next one… Please add photos to the gallery here